Directional Drilling (HDD)

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is used to install underground cables and pipelines using trenchless methods. This method is used to secure all necessary infrastructure (such as gas, oil, telecom, internet, electricity) to households and businesses across the US.

All American Underground owns all necessary equipment and employs trained and employes skillful staff with top-notch security standards, aiming to achieve zero incidences rate long-run.

Directional Drilling is also used to install necessary infrastructure below obstacles such as buildings, roads, and hard-to-reach terrain.

Since Horizontal Directional Drilling is a trenchless method, its advantage can be found in minimal ground damage, being suitable in cases with on-ground commercial activities, infrastructure, and wetlands.

Generally, horizontal drilling is also more environmentally friendly, releasing the lower amount of emissions and using less land while consuming about the same amount of oil. The process requires trained and educated workers who are also paid accordingly in the US.

The method is also known as directional boring.

We can provide:


underground pipelines installation


underground cables installation